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“It is by their character that people are who they are, but it is by their actions that they are happy, or the contrary.”  Aristotle

The idea of the House of Ethics came with a career of more than 25 years in new technologies (Paris, New York, Luxembourg), almost 15 years in teaching Information Systems and Data Ethics at the highest level (Sorbonne, Paris School of Business, diverse Universities) and being a consultant for numerous national and international companies.

House of Ethics, an ethical exchange platform

Often hijacked by elites and tagged as a noble discipline, ethics on the contrary, is made by Men for Men. This was at least what Aristotle hoped it to be.

The House of Ethics is an exchange platform around ethical topics in the business world. Our authors come from all over the world and work in any sectors. They are CEOs, executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, researchers, all committed to ethics.

Ethics a daily practice, a way of living

We do not just write about ethics, but we do also apply ethics. And this on a daily basis, in our respective work, IT, medicine, ecology, entrepreneurship, industry, food processing, service sector or research.

House of Ethics: an Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Ethics


Designed novel concept of collective, decentralized ethics: Swarm Ethics™.

Swarm Ethics as a novel concept of perception-action based etics, it stands at the crossroads of academia and business #management. Built on the latest research of three disciplines, complexsystems, anthropology and digital technologies.

Katja Rausch and Daniele Proverbio have developed this novel collective and decentralized concept of agile and purpose-driven ethics in the Digital Age. More information to be found at swarmethics.com

House of Ethics: a Booking Platform for Speakers on Ethics

Besides being an information and research hub, the House of Ethics is also a booking platform for Speakers on ethical topics.

Our speakers are regulars at conferences, seminars or members of audit panels. We offer consulting services for developing and implementing ethical charters, ethical audits or training and ethical work-shops, cross-sector.

Skills and intelligence are certainly essential in business. But goodwill and a sense of responsibility add an unmatched layer to each business, and can be genuine differentiators.

Looking forward to reading or talking to you,

Katja Rausch

Founder House of Ethics


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Daniele Proverbio

Director of Interdisciplinary Research House of Ethics


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