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Katja Rausch is specialized in the ethics of new technologies, and is working on ethical decisions applied to artificial intelligence, data ethics, machine-human interfaces and Business ethics.
For over 12 years, Katja Rausch has been teaching Information Systems at the Master 2 in Logistics, Marketing & Distribution at the Sorbonne and for 4 years Data Ethics at the Master of Data Analytics at the Paris School of Business.

Katja is a linguist and specialist of 19th century literature (Sorbonne University). She also holds a diploma in marketing, audio-visual and publishing from the Sorbonne and a MBA in leadership from the A.B. Freeman School of Business in New Orleans. In New York, she had been working for 4 years with Booz Allen & Hamilton, management consulting. Back in Europe, she became strategic director for an IT company in Paris where she advised, among others, Cartier, Nestlé France, Lafuma and Intermarché.
Author of 6 books, with the latest being "Serendipity or Algorithm" (2019, Karà éditions). Above all, she appreciates polite, intelligent and fun people.

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Director of Interdisciplinary Research @ House of Ethics / Ethicist and Post-doc researcher /

Daniele Proverbio holds a PhD in computational sciences for systems biomedicine and complex systems as well as a MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs. He is currently affiliated with the University of Trento and follows scientific and applied mutidisciplinary projects focused on complex systems and AI. Daniele is the co-author of Swarm Ethics™ with Katja Rausch. He is a science divulger and a life enthusiast.

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Logistics & aeronautics consultant

Tiphaine BOURVIC has been working as a Supply Chain consultant specializing in the deployment of digital tools, industrial transfers and production control for European industry leaders (France and Germany). Her sectors of interest are the aeronautical, pharmaceutical and luxury industries. Holding a Master 1 in Law from Panthéon-Assas University and a Master 2 in Logistics, Marketing and Distribution from La Sorbonne, Tiphaine BOURVIC is passionate about the complexity of cross-functional topics and projects. She is engaged for ethics and debates to find a central place in our societies and businesses.

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Doctoral researcher in Bioinformatics

My name is Ahmed Hemedan, I am a doctoral researcher at the bioinformatics core unit, LCSB at Luxembourg University. The research of my work covers a broad spectrum of applications of data science, bioinformatics and systems biology in the
life sciences. This includes the integration and interpretation of large omics datasets to the Disease Maps aiming to translate them into novel medical insights.
Furthermore, I use the revolutionary advances in artificial intelligence to develop machine learning-based paradigms to solve critical problems in medical research.
This resulted in a range of publications in peer-reviewed open access journals. Additionally, I use and extend the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to make the research outcomes more personalized and FAIR.
I am advocating ethical approaches with all its facets (data, publications, source code of research software, etc) and I am active in communities promoting and implementing this for example The Carpentries community.
As a certified carpenters instructor, I try to empower biological researchers and librarians by teaching coding skills to work more efficiently and effectively with data, information and knowledge.
Contacts and links :
● Simply, send me a friendly email or If needed use my PGP key to encrypt the message. Find more crypto-goodness on keybase.
● ORCID identifier: 0000-0001-7403-181X further information/statistics regarding my publications can also be found on my Google Scholar.

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Supply Chain & Logistics Executive

"To live without a goal is like cruising without a compass"
Passionate about human organizations, I am interested in anthropology, psychology, sociology, economics & history. During the week I get up every morning to support the transformation of the warehouses and the Supply Chain. In our studies or in our work, ethics must take its place to accompany our faculty to judge our ideas and our actions. Ethics must be the compass that guides our decisions.

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Founder Self Love Project

Passionate about human psychology and personal development, two years ago I chose to end a career in the world of Logistics to start a retraining which will lead me to become a Coach in Self-esteem and romantic relationships. In 2019, I founded the Self Love Project with my partner, and we support single women to help them overcome their blockages and finally meet someone with whom to build a healthy and lasting story. We also support people in couples to help them take stock of their stories and put in place the behaviors that will allow them to live their relationship in harmony. We believe in an education in adult love which is lacking in most of us, and which explains many wanderings and suffering for many. Our line of work is positioned both on the psychological aspect (relationship to oneself, fears, beliefs, etc.) and on the sociological aspect (relaxation of love "norms"); so that everyone can build the love life that suits them.

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Eindhoven University of Technology - Postdoc, Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, Philosophy & Ethics

Andrej is a seeker of the new and admirer of the old. On a mission to make a better world, starting of course with making a better himself. He is working on translating and applying wisdom of old in the modern, hectic world. Infatuated by technology and science, but also with spirituality and the divine. A doctor in Law, Science and Technology (Italy) and in Informatics (Luxembourg). Currently working on uncovering the mystery of life, with the intuition that there might be nothing to uncover.

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Strategy & GreenEconomy Director Groupe PSB

Director of Strategy and #GreenEconomy at Groupe PSB, trainer in marketing strategy, I have also been managing two organic stores for 13 years. The environment and CSR are second nature to me. I work in particular with the “ACT Pas-à-Pas” method by ADEME which will allow you to translate your strategy into an operational and effective action plan, associating the objectives of reducing the carbon footprint with the digitization of your company, a brand image adapted to the expectations of current consumers and renewed economic performance. I am also familiar with Bilan Carbone methodologies.
In my career, I have had the chance to work for large groups but also for innovative SMEs, and I quickly adapt to your organizational context to support you throughout our joint projects. A key word: anticipate.
I was trained in the fundamentals of communication and marketing through my career at CELSA and I have a PhD in socio-economic logics of communication.

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Freelance Art Curator

Freelance art curator specialized in digital art. Studied at the Faculty of Art and Design in Izmir and organized several exhibitions for modern digital artists. Early on I followed the development of this vibrant scene and specific artists like Jeszika Le Vye, Lim Chuan Shin, Małgorzata Kmiec and Finnian MacManus and his universe combining architecture, history and science fiction. Most people know his word for The Lion King.

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PhD on Mis/Disinformation at Charles University in Prague

Jindřich Oukropec is a PhD. candidate at Charles University in Prague. He has been working for 10 years in marketing and digital communication. In his research he focuses on brands' response to mis/disinformation. He is a co-founder of Brand Safety Academy. At Charles University in Prague Jindřich teaches digital marketing, marketing for non-profit organisations and a seminar for master students Managing a good reputation of a brand in the era of fake news.